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Quality Management System

Vision of TODOROV nástrojárna s.r.o.

Our vision is to be a modern technological company providing to all its customers the comprehensive solutions of industrial automation at the professional level.

The management of our company, TODOROV nástrojárna s.r.o.,

has been registering a growing demand for the firm's products, accompanied by requirements of ever increasing stringency.So as to continue this upward trend and to meet all requirements that our clients may have, the management will concentrate on

  • volume of production;
  • quality of production;
  • competitive prices;
  • time of delivery.

With this goal in mind, the management decided to implement this



The Policy will be pursued in accordance with these principles:

1. Customer comes first

Special attention shall be devoted to our customers so that we stay updated on their current needs, claims and expectations, and remain ready to satisfy them promptly - that is the bedrock of our efforts.

2. Relationships with suppliers

An optimal product may only be manufactured through a safe manufacturing process wherein proven suppliers use first-rate materials and provide premium services. In building our special-purpose machines and in making molds & tools for the injection molding of plastics, we handpick reliable suppliers and base our relationships with them on mutually beneficial interest in the desired result.

3. Prevention better than cure

We put every effort into making exclusively quality products.
Scrupulous attention is paid to searching for potential causes of poor quality and to removing such causes together with their possible consequences. Still, this process is considered to be an extreme, an exception to the rule of avoiding substandard quality completely!

4. Quality System & its continual improvement

Attention paid to the quality of our products and services is, and shall remain, a deep-rooted value. All our employees and company partners operate in an environment where familiarity with the EN ISO9001:2015 standard is a must, and the same applies to this Quality Policy - our common purpose is zero faults.

Management Commitment

To fully implement this Quality Policy, the company's management commits itself to create an integrated, effective & efficient system of quality, and to improve the system continually by:

  • accepting responsibility for the effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS);
  • formulating a policy of quality;
  • identifying the objectives of quality;
  • making sure that the quality policy is communicated, understood and applied throughout the company;
  • integrating the requirements for the QMS into the corporate processes;
  • promoting awareness of the process approach;
  • providing resources that the QMS may need;
  • emphasizing the importance of effective quality management and achieving conformity with the requirements for QMS;
  • seeing to it that the QMS performs as expected;
  • engaging people in enhancing the QMS effectivity; by guiding and supporting such people;
  • promoting continuous improvements;
  • encouraging other relevant managerial roles in exercising leadership pertinent to areas of their responsibility.

The management expects that the employees:

  • are familiar with the Quality Policy, with the ensuing targets and targeted values, and that they exert sustained effort in their pursuit;
  • are conversant with the established procedures, regulations and the principles of company management, and that they comply with them under any circumstances;
  • offer cooperation and display initiative in improving the quality system.

Ing. Jaroslav Todorov, CEO

In Trhové Sviny, 5 January, 2018

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