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Quality Management System

Vision of TODOROV nástrojárna s.r.o.

Our vision is to be a modern technological company providing to all its customers the comprehensive solutions of industrial automation at the professional level.

The management of TODOROV nástrojárna s.r.o. has noticed a continuously increasing interest in the products and services provided by the company. In order to meet the increasing demands of customers and to maintain these trends, it is committed to pay maximum attention to the requirements and meet the wishes of the customer in the services provided.


The following principles apply to the services we provide and the way we manage our business:


1. Company management, quality system and other competencies

The management is committed to creating the conditions for the application of an efficient and effective integrated system and to continuously improving the effectiveness of the system through follow-up:

  • accepting responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality system
  • maintaining an up-to-date quality policy
  • setting and evaluating quality objectives
  • Ensuring internal communication, communication of standards and customer requirements, their understanding and application
  • ensuring the integration of quality system requirements into the company's processes, process evaluation
  • promoting awareness of the process approach
  • Ensuring that the resources required for the quality system, procurement, business management are available
  • communicating the importance of effective quality management and achieving compliance with requirements 
  • an assessment that the quality system is achieving its intended results
  • by engaging, guiding and supporting people to contribute to effectiveness
  • by promoting continuous improvement
  • supporting other relevant requirements including the external environment and stakeholders

Management expects employees to:

  • knowledge of the Quality Policy, related objectives and target values, including their purposeful and consistent implementation
  • knowledge of the established procedures, regulations and principles of the company management system and their unconditional respect and observance
  • cooperation and initiative in improving the quality system, the common goal is 0 errors

2. Economics, HR

The company's priority is to meet the legal requirements of the management of economic agendas, providing education for the renewal of employees' qualifications

3. Sale

Customer first, the company's priority is to focus on the customer. Their current requirements and ideas are continuously identified, satisfying their needs and immediate requirements is the basis of our efforts.

4. Purchasing (supplier relations)

The optimal product is the result of a safe manufacturing process, using high quality materials and services provided by selected suppliers. Selecting reliable suppliers and establishing relationships based on joint interest in the result is an important area of our activity in the production of press tools, moulds for plastic injection moulding and single-purpose machines.

5. Production, assembly

In planning, design, production, we ensure constant monitoring of new technologies that can be applied for optimization of the proposed solutions for the customer, or the use of new technologies for production and control.

6. Control, quality

The output of our company's production process is exclusively quality products. Particular attention is paid to the identification of the causes of poor quality and the subsequent elimination of the possible consequences. However, this process is fundamentally perceived as an exception to the rule of not producing poor quality products at all!

7. Resources, asset management, development

The company management is committed to meeting the requirements for infrastructure, working environment in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislative requirements.

Radek Todorov, CEO

In Trhové Sviny, 15 December, 2022

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