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Our Equipment

Development Department

We invariably try to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution to their needs. In the area of industrial automation we carry out jobs of all kinds: from the easiest tasks to the most sophisticated projects, incl. the arrangements of pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems. Our Development Department employs  state-of-the-art CAD software - SolidWorks. In designing electrical systems, we rely on the CAE software - e-Plan.

Metering Center

To make certain that our precision parts are really precise and to meet what our customers confidently expect, we run our own Metering Center. The Center makes us capable of flexibly reconciling what is required by production with what is required by the clients. To this  end the Center is equipped with Mitutoyo Crysta Plus M443, a 3D system offering the metering range  of 400 x 400 x 300 mm, and a digital Mitutoyo height meter  (up to 600 mm).


The TODOROV Tool Plant is a proud supplier of superior quality parts. In making precision components we rely not just on  conventional cutting machines but also on CNC machining centers. Since 2015 our offer has been broadened to include Fanuc Robocut, a wire-cut machine. We have always paid scrupulous attention to utmost precision and unerring  accuracy.  For that purpose our CNC milling operations are enhanced by using the SolidCAM addition to CAM and our wire cutting operations by employing the Fanuc PC FAPT Cut i CAM software.  We spare no effort to give our customers quality and accuracy, always on time.

Our machinery

  • CNC machining centres Hardinge VMC600II, GX480 (600 x 512 x 510mm)
  • Milling machines Optimum MT200, Proma FVV125PD (1290 x 280 x 400mm)
  • Coordinate drill BKoE (400 x 630mm)
  • Wire-cutting machine Fanuc Robocut Alfa C400iA (370 x 270 x 255mm)
  • Lathe Intos S32
  • Grinding Machines (surface BPH20NA, universal  BUA20)

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