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Manufacture of replacement parts

A client asked us to make a new handle for his all-terrain quadricycle. The original handle broke when the vehicle hit a tree.

First and foremost, the original damaged part had to be digitized. The SolidWorks CAD system we use in our Development Department reduced the process to just a few mouse clicks. The next step rested in choosing  a suitable material. Since the original part was a casting made of light alloy, we decided for premium structural steel 14 220.


In the second stage of the process the part was manufactured using the 3D CNC Machining Center. In creating the required program, our  operator took advantage of the Solid CAM addition to our designing system. Once again, the process of program creation proved to be very simple. Then the ISO code for the CNC  Center was generated and downloaded to the system. Having waited just a couple of hours, we had the new part basically completed.


What remained to be done was choosing a fitting surface finish. We have opted for chemical blackening, an option not only pleasing to the eye but also offering  a sufficient corrosion resistance.

The new part was delivered to our happy customer in two weeks from his first visit on our premises.

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